Server în beta -(teste)

Bună ziua dragi playeri! Serveru este momentan în beta, adica pentru testare!Deschiderea va fi  in curand! Va mulțumim pentru înțelegere! 



10 December, 2022 10:01


1. Usernames, Character Names, Stores, Guilds, Groups, Items, or anything else you can name should not be offensive, inappropriate, racist, extremist, or vulgar. Players who use such names or claim to be part of the Metin2Infern Team will have their accounts deleted without notice. Also, those who claim to be someone else will be banned. 2. It is forbidden to specify the user and / or password of your account to any other person. The Metin2Infern team will NEVER ask you for your login details (name, password). We are not responsible for the loss of your account or any other items, guilds or...

26 May, 2022 18:00