2022-05-26 18:00:59

    1. Usernames, Character Names, Stores, Guilds, Groups, Items, or anything else you can name should not be offensive, inappropriate, racist, extremist, or vulgar. Players who use such names or claim to be part of the Metin2Infern Team will have their accounts deleted without notice. Also, those who claim to be someone else will be banned.

    2. It is forbidden to specify the user and / or password of your account to any other person. The Metin2Infern team will NEVER ask you for your login details (name, password). We are not responsible for the loss of your account or any other items, guilds or anything else that is strictly related to your account. In case of reporting a gm, the theft of the account will be banned permanently (this with evidence).

    3. It is forbidden to use threats, offensive or insulting messages on the forum, in the internal chat of the game or PM type messaging. It is forbidden to use SPAM messages or provide links to other sites, games or servers unrelated to Metin2OldAcademy!

    4. Keeping another dead player on the ground by using the deal is penalized with a 7 day ban account. At the second sanction, the account is permanently banned.

    5. If you find a bug, report it to the Game Master. It is forbidden to use it to your advantage and the violation of this rule brings the ban of the account in the game.

    6. It is forbidden to use a client other than the one provided by the Metin2OldAcademy server team and / or modify it.

    7. Injuries against the STAFF are punished with permanent ban.

    8. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to cheat the orc boxes, or any item that appeared through a bug. THE USE OF CHEATS, CODS, HACKS IS PROHIBITED AS WELL AS THE PROVISION OF INFORMATION AND / OR LINKS TO THEM !!!

    9. It is forbidden to request items, yang or anything else from a server administrator. For all the above restrictions, the following sanctions will be used: -Kick Jock -Ban Chat between 1-12 hours of play 24-or more in extreme cases -Temporary money account -Permanent money account

    The Metin2OldAcademy team